Countertop Refinishing, Reglaze, recolor & restoration

Countertop Refinishing is where we restore your existing kitchen counter to its original new look finish at a low cost to you.
You will love the new look and feel!
Laminate Countertop Colors and Pattern — Stone Repair in Soquel, CA
Laminate Surfaces for Kitchen Countertops and Bathroom — Stone Repair in Soquel, CA
Laminate Countertop Color Chart — Stone Repair in Soquel, CA
Silestone Color Catalogue — Stone Repair in Soquel, CA
Let NuLook Refinishing transform your Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops. We are masters at refinishing, reglazing, recoloring and repairing countertops. Whether it is tile or formica, we can take an old dingy formica countertop and make it look like granite. We are experts in the finish and detail on every job we do. We will save you an amazing amount of money and at the same time make it look like you spent thousands on it.

You do not have to replace it. You don't have to tear up your kitchen or bathroom. NuLook Refinishing can refinish, resurface, reface and restore it to its original or give your room a complete new look and feel.

NuLook has a wide variety of samples to choose from. We are experts on helping you select the right products to achieve the style and design you are looking for. We will bring all the materials to you so that you can envision what it will look like.